Aaah Europe. My homebase. You would expect me to have visited every single place there is to visit by now but unfortunately I usually notice my study mates coming from other continents already checked off more places than I have. They always claim travelling in Europe is “so cheap as everything is so close”. So how come most Europeans cannot even check off all of the capital cities? I guess for me the answer is quite simple: if I have to spend money on travel, I’d rather spend it on more exotic (read: Asian or American) places. I must say after some conversations I changed this up. I try to visit as many cities in Europe as I possibly can, since they are perfect for short stays to me as I can actually fly in and out the same weekend if I wanted to. However, my urge to visit other continents is hard to suppress which is why I decided to try and find a balance. Hence: the European bucket list :).

  • Scottish Highlands
  • Italian beauties (Venice, Verona, Firenze)
  • Southern Croatia

Let’s see how far I can make it through ;).