Why I love travel so much

Sometimes I wonder about why I feel this need to keep planning a next trip. Why is it impossible for me to just sit on my ass and enjoy my holiday staring at a television with a big fat bucket of B&J on my lap?? At first I thought it was because I grew up in this awfully boring (but cute though) tiny village in Belgium, where nothing ever happens. But looking at how many trips me and my parents did (these people cannot sit on their ass neither), boredom is no excuse.

Genetically then? Might be actually! Just like my parents cannot sit on their ass, my grandparents have the same urge to go places. Cuba, Egypt and America were no exception and everytime they brought me local stuff and pictures, making me wish school duty was not a duty at all and I could just join in next time.

Although I must admit studying in an internationally oriented university might have caused a perpetual travel motion… I met so many internationals talking about why I should definitely go to their home country that I just decided to do it. Apart from uni, I met some internationals on IACE over summer and really started missing some of them. I convinced my parents to let me go to Hong Kong after obtaining my Bachelor’s (under supervision of my dad of course, my parents are very responsible people not letting their little girl travel by herself to the other end of the world you crazy!) to visit my friends and boom, my love for Asia was born.

The reason I keep traveling is a bit more cheesy though. I get upset quite easily (#hatersgonnahate) by stupid statements of other people about other cultures and it makes me soooo angry! Seriously, the lame shit I hear from day to day is incredible. You probably heard all of them before, but did you know Indian people are smelly rapists? Oh, and the rest of the Asians smells like fish (yes, newsflash: India is Asia too). Oh and by the way, Italians are always late (this one is actually true, nevermind). These prejudices seriously throw me off. How can you talk about other cultures if you did not experience them? I am given a different view with every new country I visit and every new person I meet.

And just so you know, these people can laugh with the stigma’s. Use them to your advantage and make bonds telling them a few stigma’s about your culture (Belgium is so boring and it’s a city, not a country according to Americans).


Enjoy booking your next trip!



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  1. Jozefien Speeckaert says:

    Echt nice Chabely ! Ik ben zo impressed over uw studies en nu uw traveling adventures. Ik weet niet of je mij nog kent, ooit lang geleden van op CM-kamp 🙂
    Alleszins, leuke blog en veel succes nog in je verdere leven!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hoi Jozefien! Ja hoor, ik weet nog wie je bent! Ik heb nu pas de commentarensectie ontdekt op mijn blog, was mijn blog ook heel erg uit het oog verloren, tijd om daar opnieuw wat moeite in te stoppen! Heel tof dat je het leuk vindt! Hoe gaat het met je?


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