5 reasons to visit Romania in wintertime


A lot of it, everywhere! It practically snowed every day I was there. And I am not talking about these flakes that you might mistake for rain. No, in Romania you get the real deal. Decent thick flakes that remain right where they fall and are sticky enough to remain on your coat from dusk till dawn.


2: Christmas lights

A lot of them. EVERYWHERE. I have seriously never seen this excess amount of light decorations over the holiday period as in Romania. From very small towns like Busteni to the capital Bucharest, the whole thing is lit up like a fireplace. It’s a treasure chest for pictures and pretty romantic too.


3: Food traditions

Wait, did anyone say food? Apart from being really cheap, the holiday season food in Romania is also really good. Vegetarians, get Romania off your bucket list now because there is no way you will survive here without eating meat. Lots of it. Everywhere.


4: Less tourists

Although admittedly Romania is not the craziest tourist destination of all times, some spots can get really crowded in summer like Dracula’s castle. In winter, no need to queue. None of it. Nowhere. Plus, the castles get so much prettier with this snowy layer on top (what do you mean Dracula creepy?).

5: Romanians

All of them. Everywhere. What better way to submerge yourself in to a country than to make friends with the locals. The gross of the population does not travel outbound but just loves driving towards the mountains and eat their own great holiday food. They are a crazy bunch of life-loving people with an enormous sense for hospitality and an interesting sense of humor. And in case you plan on driving along with one: buckle up, it will be fun!



*** Special thanks to my beautiful Romanian friend Ioana and her wonderful parents for the generous hospitality and showing us around your beautiful country, we had a blast ❤ ***


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  1. Evangelina07 says:

    I love it! Romania is also on my wishlist. Loved your pictures too. Really gives a sense of the place. Thanks for posting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Evangelina07, thank you!! I will post a follow-up with the places we visited soon 🙂


  2. Luminita says:

    This year we were lucky enough to have some snow. The last years were not so great for the winter season. Sure, there was snow in the mountains and on the ski slopes, but it’s nicer when the trees, the mountains and the landscape in general is covered in white.


    1. Thanks for your reaction! This year there was so much snow, it was great!


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