If you are looking for a girlstrip with no content except for chatting, tanning, drinking, swimming and chilling, I’ve got the spot for you: Mallorca. I went their with my best friend to relax so we booked a ‘no children allowed hotel’ and it was a hit! At first I thought ‘no children allowed hotels’ to be a bit odd… Because why the hell would you care? Here’s why: you can safely fall asleep at the pool without waking up to crying children that splash half the pool on you. The only downside to this kind of hotels are that they are mostly visited by elderly people that have no problem waking up at 6 am to put a towel on every available seat at the pool. To see things from the positive side: the staff is more than happy to help out the only young guests (which happened to be blonde girls :p) find some seating. Interested in our hotel? It’s called hotel Tucan and located in Cala D’Or.

We didn’t do much in Mallorca (which was exactly the plan) so the only things I can tell you about is the hotel (check) and the bars. My all-time favorite (although only spent five days there) is Calypso. A cocktailbar with happy hour and buckets. Each time you order a bucket you get a different flower garland such that everybody in the bar knows exactly how many buckets you already mastered. The buckets are delicious and the best of all: they come with lots of drama. Most of them have dry ice inside such that they look like volcanoes erupting. Get here during happy hour and I swear you’ve never returned to your hotel more happy ;). We spent all of our evenings here except for one: an evening when the Dutch needed to play soccer for the European Championships. We headed towards a Dutch bar and blended in between the orange crowd.

Trying to get away from the pool we decided to go to the beach (lazyyy). It was actually stunning and not crowded in the mornings. Towards the afternoon the beach became way too crowded so we headed back to our well-known swimming pool (after spotting an Olympic swimming team :D).

Although our hotel was half-pension we decided to go somewhere special for our last evening’s dinner and asked the staff where to get the best paella. They recommended Vicente’s in Santanyi (a 20 min walk from the hotel). The paella was incredible and there were no tourists at all! Big thanks to the staff at Tucan ;).


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